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Are you looking to increase to your storefront visibility? If so, there's no cheaper or better way than using custom feather flags or sail flags. These custom feather flags are printed in full color with your flags' customized business message. When choosing a custom feather flag for your business, you have many options such as multiple sizes, various shapes, and imprint methods. We always recommend a simple design that captures the attention of potential customers who are passing by. Make sure each flag only has 1 message, rather than trying to convey multiple call to actions on the same flag. Too much information on a flag can be ineffective. We are always glad to help design an effective flag layout for your business!
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Are you looking to increase to your storefront visibility? If so, there's no cheaper or better way than using feather flags or sail flags. These custom flags are printed in full color with your customized message.

Do you not see the size feather flag or sail flag you are looking for? We have other sizes, just give us a call at 1-800-773-9472. If you are in the Fort Walton Beach - Destin area, drive by the Perfect Imprints office on Eglin Parkway and check out our row of 4 feather full color custom feather flags. These flags are great for visibility and attracting new customers.

Custom Feather Flag Tips:

  1. Simple is Better - When advertising using custom flags, don't put too much text or it won't be bold and visible when potential customers are passing by.
  2. Be Wise with Colors - Our feather flags and tear drop flags are printed with full color dye sublimation, so take advantage of the unlimited color combinations. Use bright colors to attraction attention to the flags. Don't use colors that highly contrast each other or the flags will be difficult to read.
  3. Check Your Local Sign Ordinance - The last thing you want to do is buy a bunch of custom flags and not be able to display them if they are not allowed by your local town, city, or county. In many cases, feather flags are exempt from being labeled as temporary signage and they are allowed, but check and double check to make sure!
  4. Stay Clear of Power Lines - Before ordering your flags, make sure your area clear of power lines. When holding these taller feather flags to put onto the ground stake, it's easy for the top of it to be well over 20 feet into the air, which could be extremely dangerous if power lines are present.
  5. Watch for Tree Limbs - If there are tree limbs near your flags, either choose a new location or trim back to the tree limbs so you don't damage your flags.
  6. Include Your Phone Number - Many people passing by won't stop, but they will certainly call, so make sure you include your phone number on your flags.
  7. Give Your Flags A Rest - We recommend that you take down your flags at night and during storms and times of high wind in order to extend the life.
  8. Multiple Flag Designs - If you really want to make an impact, get multiple flag designs and rotate them out each week and keep a fresh look in front of your store. This continual change will attract more attention.
  9. New Flags - If your flags wear out or your want a new design, we can print just the flags at a lower cost than buying the entire kit, which includes the pole, ground stake, and carrying case.
  10. Great Design - Solicit the help of our expert graphic designers to help you with a great looking and effective flag design.

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